What Berejiklian said about health advice ‘simply not true’

Former premier Gladys Berejiklian was not acting on the health advice during the daily COVID-19 press conferences, according to Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell.

“Former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian insisted, like all leaders in Australia have seemed to insist throughout the pandemic, that she was acting on ‘health advice’ when she implemented various stages of the lockdown after the Bondi outbreak in June,” Mr Clennell said.

“The lie has been put to this in this email from her Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant to the Minister on July 13, at the time Berejiklian announced a two week lockdown extension but kept retail and other services open.

“The advice clearly said: In summary recommend stage 4 restriction approach outlined in Victoria with the exception of permitting takeaway food.

“It took weeks before Gladys Berejiklian had to go with harder lockdown measures, until the vaccination rate could be lifted sufficiently.

“This advice came to light after a call for papers by the upper house.

“Irrespective of where you are at on this issue, it’s reasonable to say what Berejiklian said at these 11am press conferences for several weeks in terms of the health advice was simply not true.”

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