Covid news live: India records smallest daily rise in cases in 18 months despite festivals

India’s daily Covid cases saw the slimmest daily rise in one-and-a-half-years despite recent large festivals such as Diwali as vaccination and antibody levels rise

In the UK, Labour MP and member of the health select committee at parliament Sarah Owen has been on Sky News. She was asked about three things. Firstly on AstraZeneca suggesting they would offer tiered pricing and still offer vaccines not-for-profit to developing nations, and the risk of new variants developing due to vaccine inequality, she said:

We are in a global pandemic, the clue is in the title and we need an international response. So moves from AstraZeneca that you’re talking about just now are very welcome because we need to ensure that everyone across the world has access to a vaccination.

We’ve always got to be scanning the horizon. For new variants. For changes. And possible solutions, new solutions for dealing with this pandemic. And we can’t take our eye off the ball particularly as we’re staring down the barrel of winter again.

Children should just be able to go to school. I think they’ve had a horrible last two years. The last thing they should be doing is being confronted with people who are being aggressive, or who are looking to threaten them, or threaten teaching staff or their parents. It’s completely unacceptable. Children should just be able to go to school.

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