Hospitals at ‘breaking point’ in THIS country as COVID-19 cases soar in several areas

The United States which has been the worst-hit country in the world by the COVID-19 pandemic is seeing a fresh surge in cases due to the fast-spreading Delta variant. This has added to the woes of the already stressed healthcare system.

Several parts of the country are witnessing outbreaks that are as bad as ever. According to Department of Health and Human Services data, in 15 of the US states patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 are taking up more ICU beds than last year.

With 41%, 37% and 34% respectively Colorado, Minnesota and Michigan are showing the highest hospitalisation rate of patients admitted to the intensive care units (ICU). Despite the alarming situation, no new restrictions have been issued on public gatherings in Michigan. However, the citizens are been encouraged to wear masks and get vaccinated. 

“Many of our physicians are at a breaking point,” Ali Mokdad, a professor with the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, was quoted as saying. “It’s not easy to be a day in and day out in an emergency room, in an ICU, looking at someone who is dying because he or she is not vaccinated,” he added.

According to the doctors, as most of the ICU beds are occupied by patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases, the availability of beds for those suffering from life-threatening ailments has reduced considerably. The situation particularly is very bad for the Northeast states.

The easily transmissible Delta variant has been responsible for the daily increases in the COVID-19 cases for the past two weeks after about two months of declining infections. Experts are wary that the protection instilled by vaccines is waning and the country could face yet another major wave of the pandemic this winter.

Amid the increase in cases, US regulators expanded eligibility for booster shots of COVID-19 vaccines to all adults last Friday.

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