Bill Gates Says It’s ‘Tragic’ If Conspiracy Theories Are Preventing Vaccination

  • Bill Gates mentioned it is tragic if conspiracy theories are stopping individuals from getting COVID-19 vaccines. 
  • A discredited concept claims Gates is utilizing vaccines to implant location-tracking microchips into individuals. 
  • Gates known as the conspiracy concept laughable and weird. 

Bill Gates mentioned it is “tragic” if conspiracy theories about him placing microchips in COVID-19 vaccines is stopping individuals from getting vaccinated. 

“The one about tracking people, I don’t know why they think I’m interested in knowing people’s locations — that one I still have to laugh at — but if it’s holding people back from getting vaccinated, then that’s tragic,” Gates mentioned in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Friday. 

Gates informed Cooper conspiracy theories are “fun to click on” and that it might be simpler for individuals to consider “simple explanations,” just like the declare that the vaccines have been solely created for revenue than to grasp the sophisticated science behind the quick growth of COVID-19 vaccines. 

Conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers proceed to unfold false details about COVID-19 vaccines.  In the early days of their growth, unfounded claims concerning the vaccines, together with the that Gates will use them to implant individuals with location-tracking microchips, prompted fierce vaccine hesitancy amongst many Americans.

Gates has beforehand mentioned the assertions have been so weird that they are nearly laughable. 

“It’s almost hard to deny this stuff because it’s so stupid or strange that even to repeat it gives it credibility,” Gates mentioned in 2020. 

Insider’s Andrea Michaelson reported that whereas the precise origins of this fantasy aren’t clear, the speculation may have developed from info taken out of context, together with a video that went viral at first of the pandemic the place Jay Walker, the manager chairman of syringe maker Apiject, mentioned a possible optionally available barcode-like label for the vaccine.

Vaccine-makers didn’t request the usage of this label, which might have been positioned on the surface of the syringe and never injected into the affected person. It would have been used to “distinguish the real vaccine from counterfeit or expired doses, and to track when injections are used.”

On Friday, he informed Cooper that theories that he is solely attempting to revenue off of the vaccine are additionally inaccurate.

“We’ve given billions for vaccines and saved millions of lives. If you just kind of invert that and say no, we’re trying to make money from vaccines, you know, not trying to save lives, that’s a popular conspiracy theory,” he mentioned. 

While vaccine hesitancy was lowered within the US, Gates mentioned the US “still has a lower full vaccination rate than many other countries,” and the nation wants to determine methods to succeed in people who’re nonetheless skeptical.

“Are they open-minded? Because it’s to their benefit and to the people around them, so I’m surprised that the US, it’s been this tough, and, you know, even somewhat a political thing,” Gates mentioned. 

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