Doctor says you shouldn’t go pee “just in case”

A pelvic flooring physician from Boston, Massachusetts, has brought on a stir by explaining that one thing all of us thought was good for our well being may cause actual issues. In a video that has greater than 5.8 million views on TikTok, Dr. Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas says we shouldn’t go pee “just in case.”

How might this be? The second all of us discovered to regulate our bladders we have been additionally taught to pee earlier than occurring a automotive journey, sitting down to observe a film or enjoying sports activities.

The physician posted the video as a response to TikTok person Sidneyraz, who made a video urging folks to go to the toilet at any time when they get the prospect. Sidneyraz is understood for posting movies about issues he didn’t be taught till his 30s. “If you think to yourself, ‘I don’t have to go,’ go.” SidneyRaz says within the video. It feels like widespread sense however evidently, he was completely unsuitable, similar to the remainder of humanity.


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“Pelvic floor physical therapist here, and I work with a lot of people with overactive bladders, stress incontinence, urge incontinence, the whole nine yards,” Dr. Jeffrey-Thomas started her clip. “And here is why you should not go ‘just in case.”‘

In the video, Dr. Jeffrey-Thomas explains the three levels of feeling the need to pee.

“The first one is just an awareness level that tells you that there’s some urine in the bladder,” she said. “The second one is the one that tells you to make a plan to use the toilet, and the third is kind of the panic button that says, ‘Get me there right now, I’m about to overflow.’”

Then she made her case by giving a visible clarification of how going after we don’t must teaches our our bodies to prematurely ship alerts that it’s time to pee. The easy clarification has lots of people questioning if their pee sensor remains to be working appropriately.


#sew with @sidneyraz I do know it sounds counterintuitive and goes in opposition to every little thing your momma taught you – simply out right here attempting to save lots of your bladder 🤍

In a uncommon show of humility on the web, Sidneyraz noticed the video and thanked the physician for the correction. “Oh hey thanks for correcting me!” he wrote.

The video shocked lots of people who really feel like their total lives have been based mostly on a lie—a minimum of on the subject of one thing most of us do six to eight instances a day. “TikTok is basically just a bunch of videos telling me I’m doing life wrong,” joked one commenter. “Like Jesus, really? I’m peeing wrong?”

Yes, you might be.

“Who else hears their mom in their head say ‘go just in case’ when you’re out and about and near a bathroom?” one other commenter requested.

The excellent news is that if you happen to’ve at all times been the kind to go “just in case” and also you always really feel like you could go pee, there’s hope. With the assistance of a physician, you’ll be able to retrain your bladder so that you just solely really feel the necessity to go when it’s time. Now, who’s going to be the primary courageous one that doesn’t go once they really feel the necessity, simply to see if their physique’s pee sensor is off?

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