Fiona Hill Calls Putin’s Ukraine Invasion a ‘Post-Imperial Land Grab’

  • Putin paints the battle in Ukraine as a proxy battle between Russia and the US, a former US official stated. 
  • Fiona Hill stated the invasion is “a post-imperial land grab” and a “global problem.”
  • She stated extra international locations outdoors of Europe want to face up towards Putin. 

A former US official and skilled on Russian President Vladimir Putin stated he is been attempting to color the disaster in Ukraine as a proxy battle and extra international locations want to face up towards him. 

“As Putin is making this a proxy war, he’s saying to everyone else, this is like the Cold War, this is like Korea or Vietnam. This is not the case. Putin has decided to invade a neighboring country. It’s a post-imperial land grab. It’s based on history, his grievances, his view of Russia’s place in Europe,” Fiona Hill, the previous senior director for Europe and Russia on the United States National Security Council informed CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday. 

Hill stated Putin is framing this battle as one thing between “the United States and Russia for Ukraine.”

“The one thing that we have to be very careful about now, I mean, I know that President [Volodymyr] Zelenskyy is really making a massive appeal for more help from the United States, from the West, from NATO, and from other allies, the European Union. But we really need to get other international actors to step up,” Hill stated. 

She added: “We’ve had Japan and South Korea, for example. There’s been protestations about the conflict in the United Nations General Assembly from countries like Ghana and Kenya.”

Hill stated Putin nonetheless has a “lifeline” which she known as “really problematic.” She stated beneath the present circumstances “there is just absolutely no way that Vladimir Putin wants to loosen his grip on power,” including that he has some “staying power” and is decided to carry management and never go away on the “back of a disaster in Ukraine.”

Hill added that Zelenskyy is in search of extra concrete agreements with many different international locations together with these outdoors of Europe as a result of agreements with Russia previously have been “meaningless” since Moscow does not uphold them. 

Hill stated extra international locations want to talk up so the invasion is seen as a world subject.

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