I hated my small body, but I gained confidence by gaining weight

For one lady, magnificence isn’t solely skin-deep.

A West Sussex lady realized — after vital weight reduction and pores and skin elimination surgical procedure — that she’s extra assured at an even bigger dimension.

Leah Jane misplaced 126 kilos to shrink from a UK dimension 24 (a few dimension 20 within the US) to a ten (equal to a US 6), solely to find she nonetheless hated herself at a smaller dimension.

“Not enough people talk about the work you have to do (mentally) to be happy with your body,” the 39-year-old instructed the Sun. “The magnificence requirements we’re held to vary on a regular basis, which suggests the ‘ideal’ physique form and dimension will do too. If you might be having surgical procedure only for that purpose, I feel it may be fairly harmful. Why is it going to make you happier?

“If you are having surgery to make yourself feel good mentally, it’s not going to work,” she added.

Now, at a dimension 12 to 14 (a US 8 to 10), she’s happier than ever.

“I understand when people message me and say, ‘I’ve had that surgery that you’ve had and I still hate my body,’” she mentioned.

Leah Jane at size 24
Previously a dimension 24, Jane shrunk to a measly dimension 10.
Instagram / @leah_jane___
Leah Jane at size 10
Even at a smaller dimension, Jane nonetheless wasn’t content material along with her seems to be.
Instagram / @leah_jane___

At simply 23, Jane received a tummy tuck to take away “saggy skin” that got here on account of shedding weight 5 years prior. Two years later, she received a breast raise, and at 31, she obtained a thigh pores and skin tightening process.

While she started weight-reduction plan as early as 18, lastly shedding the burden and being left with an “extreme amount of loose skin” solely broken her confidence.

But over the previous 12 months and a half, she labored to turn into an even bigger dimension, championing remedy and physique confidence accounts on-line as the important thing to her modified mindset.

Leah Jane at size 12/14
Now, she’s confidently a dimension 12 or 14.
Instagram / @leah_jane___

She even started her personal TikTok account, detailing her psychological and bodily well being journey and racking up practically 36,000 followers.

In one empowering clip with 888,000 views, she goals to normalize abdomen rolls, exhibiting off her stretch marks and the way in which her physique adjustments when she sits.

In the feedback, fellow body-positive supporters rallied Jane’s content material and message.

Leah Jane
Now, Jane makes use of her newfound vanity to share her psychological and bodily well being journey on TikTok along with her followers.
Instagram / @leah_jane___

“That’s so true … but let’s embrace we have a little extra around our middles,” one individual mentioned.

“So normal my sister is tiny! She’s a size 4/6 and she gets rolls when sitting down. I’m a size 18 and I do too!” wrote one other.

“Thank you I needed this today … I still struggle at times and just need a reminder we are all beautiful,” commented another person.

In one other video, Jane addresses a remark somebody wrote, saying they’d a tummy tuck and nonetheless hated how they seemed.

“I believed that I was going to have this tummy tuck. I was going to look down and there was going to be a flat stomach. I was going to feel amazing,” Jane mentioned within the clip. “Don’t get me fallacious, I used to be so happy with what they did they usually eliminated a lot pores and skin. It was a flat abdomen.

“I was happy with it but I still hated my body, I couldn’t work out why,” she continued, additionally addressing that it’s not simply weight-reduction plan and beauty surgical procedures that equate to well being.

Leah Jane
She additionally shares empowering messages on Instagram and says it’s not how her physique seems to be but it surely’s her psychological well being that offers her confidence.
Instagram / @leah_jane___

Instead, she mentioned, individuals “have to do the work up here,” pointing to her head, “for you to be happy with yourself.”

She opened up about her consuming dysfunction and physique dysmorphia that developed after her surgical procedures, saying she nonetheless “detested” herself and the way she seemed.

“Every single day I hated myself and I wanted to change how I looked. I can completely understand when people message me and say, ‘Look, I’ve had that surgery you’ve had and I still hate my body,’” she mentioned. “It’s not your body, it’s how you think about your body. The great news is you can change how you think about your body.”

Leah Jane before and after weight loss
She posts earlier than and after pictures of her weight reduction and new weight acquire on-line.
Instagram / @leah_jane___

She inspired her viewers to vary their perceptions of their our bodies, to not change how they really look.

“I’m happier with my body now than I have ever been and I’m the biggest I’ve been in a very long time,” she mentioned.

Again, individuals within the feedback part cheered Jane on for her honesty and encouragement, utilizing the area to disclose their shared experiences.

“I lost 8st to. Got to 11.5st had a tummy tuck. Still hated me. Gained 3st up to a 16. Happier than I’ve ever been. Can actually eat normal now,” wrote one individual.

“I could have written this. Had a band, lost 8.5st had TT. Hated my body had band emptied gained 3st feel so much better at a 16,” commented one other.

Jane pleaded to her followers that the one method to flip their self-hatred round was to repair their minds — though it’s simpler mentioned than executed.

“We can control our own thoughts and it’s not an easy thing to change but it is possible and you can learn to not hate your body,” Jane mentioned. “That’s why I’m an advocate for body acceptance. Being smaller doesn’t automatically equal being happier.”

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