In viral video, mama rat brings her babies to her owner

Rats get a nasty rap.

When individuals hear “rats,” the very first thing many think about is the honking big rats within the sewers of New York. Words like “infestation” might come to thoughts, together with horror tales of individuals’s sudden encounters with the creepy creatures.

However, such photos and tales are a pointy distinction to the pleasant adorableness individuals with pet rats affiliate with the phrase.

Our household has had a number of pairs of rats as pets through the years. The first pair got here from a person we affectionately nicknamed Weird Al the Rat Guy, who had a complete rattery in his basement the place he bred fancy rats. And after our first pair, we had been hooked.

“Fancy rats” are one breed of domesticated rat. Dumbo rats are one other. These are usually not your NYC sewer rats. They’re smaller and cuter and good and candy. Yes, they do have that bizarre, hairless tail, however when you get previous no matter willies you could have about rat rails, they’re one of the best.

Have you ever seen a rat consuming a Cheerio with its tiny little palms with almost-opposable thumbs? You’ll by no means be the identical.

Rats had been our youngsters’ first furry pets they usually had been good starter pets. They’re comparatively low-maintenance, particularly you probably have no less than two. (They’re social creatures, in any case.) They’re affectionate and infrequently chew. They like to play and are fairly clever, so that you can prepare them to reply to easy instructions. (Rats have even been skilled to smell out land mines and conduct search and rescue missions.)

Their cages can get smelly for those who do not change the litter often sufficient, however females are usually much less smelly than males and rats themselves are tremendous clear. (A rat washing its face is each bit as cute as one consuming a Cheerio.)

Our first rats had been infants once we obtained them and oh so very cute. Allow me to persuade you:

Baby rats, Cinnamon and Midnight.

Annie Reneau

How might anybody resist these faces?

Anyway, pet rats are superior, which is why individuals hold sharing a candy video of a mama rat bringing her infants to her proprietor for safekeeping. Fun reality: Rats usually have between six and 12 infants in a single litter. (Can you think about having a dozen infants without delay? OMG.) This mama seems to have 9 or so, and he or she brings them one after the other to the criminal of her human’s arm.


The video was posted by Whispering Grove Rattery in Atlanta on YouTube two years in the past and has almost 6 million views. It was reposted this week on Reddit, which has pushed it into virality yet again.

How might it not, although? Teeny little child rats, a candy mama rat and a human she trusts sufficient at hand her infants over to? It’s the stuff of goals. (Or nightmares, for those who actually cannot get previous the frequent squeamishness about rats. I extremely advocate reconsidering, although. They actually do make superior pets.)

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