I’m A Celebrity 2021 – Naughty Boy snaps at Richard Madeley over ‘weakest link’ fears as David Ginola goes topless

I’M A Celebrity’s Naughty Boy snapped at the rest of his campmates over fears he’s the “weakest link” and David Ginola went topless for the challenge.

The musician broke down after the other camp decided to put him up against Snoochie Shy in the trial.

Naughty Boy couldn’t figure out why his fellow campmates picked him, and wasn’t having any of it when Richard Madeley, Arlene Phillips and Danny Miller tried to comfort him.

Earlier on in the episode footie star David showed off his impressive physique during the head-to-head challenge.

Frankie Bridge, Kadeena Cox, and the viewers are home were left swooning over him.

I’m A Celebrity has been shaken by accusations over stars receiving hot water, cigarettes and heating, despite portraying them living in ‘gruelling’ living conditions.

The revelations come after producers had promised this year’s series in North Wales would be the “toughest” so far for stars.

But, to the disappointment of I’m A Celeb fans, it turns out the cossetted stars have a heated Portakabin where they can wait as they prepare for trials, as well as being supplied with packs of cigarettes.

Producers said the VIPs have to manually pump a device to reach a certain pressure for the boiler to work. In reality, it can be turned on with the flick of a switch.

And, it turns out that a source also said that: “They are allowed some cigarettes… there’s a pretty good supply,” even saying that “Naughty Boy has been smoking too.”

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  • I’m A Celebrity fans are STILL talking about Naughty Boy – and have even created a new theory about the artist.

    Want to know more?

    Stay tuned!

  • One hour and 30 mins to go!

    Get your popcorn at the ready guys…

  • Danny also revealed that depression runs in his family and he eventually decided to go on medication for it.

    He said: “It took about six or seven weeks and I was like ‘these pills are b****ks man’. Eight weeks in and I was like OK, I’m starting to feel like I want to go out again.

    “I’m starting to feel like I can go for a drink and not get myself into trouble because somebody is going to say something and my anxiety is going to ‘attack attack attack’, whether that be physically or verbally, it was always something I was afraid of.”

    “I was very much aware that I wasn’t myself but when I dealt with the problem head on and I went guys I’m not doing good I need some help, everyone went great lets get you to the doctors. Before I knew it I suddenly started to become yourself again.”

  • Danny Miller would sometimes suffer from pantic attacks on set of the ITV soap.

    Speaking out on the Ask Ross podcast, he said: “Sometimes I would be on set and just break out in sweat and then it makes you even more anxious to the point where it puts you towards a panic attack.”

  • Emmerdale’s Danny Miller has opened up about his struggles with mental health in the past.

    The actor, who is best known for playing Aaron Dingle in the ITV soap, has suffered from crippling anxiety and depression.

    Check out what he’s said about it in the next post

  • What are fans saying on Twitter about I’m A Celeb atm?

    Naughty Boy is still very much talk of the town…

    One tweeted: “Naughty boy is a big baby.”

    Another chimed in: “Naughty Boy is the reason why people get participation medals and they don’t keep score at junior football anymore.”

    A third said: “Naughty boy is breaking my heart.”

  • Two hours to go!!!

    Who is excited for tonight’s drama? I certainly am!

  • Naughty Boy keeps pulling up his underpants!

    One fan asked on the platform: “Did naughty boy order trousers 12 sizes too big? Keep seeing his crack 😭 #imaceleb”

  • I’m A Celeb fans have all pointed out Naughty Boy’s “annoying habit” – but have you noticed what it is?

    The music producer, 36, has definitely made the ITV show entertaining over the past few days…

    But viewers have taken to Twitter to highlight one thing he keeps doing.

  • Ant and Dec confirmed that both Naughty Boy AND Arlene are still in the castle

    Last night Ant told viewers: “After some thought, they did join the camp earlier today with the intention of confronting them.”

    Dec teased: “You’ll see that on tomorrow night’s show.”

  • Has Naughty Boy really left the castle after last night’s meltdown?

    Check out the next post…

  • Who has the producer worked with over the years?

    Naughty Boy has an amazing list of singers that he’s created music with such as Chipmunk, Emeli Sande, JLS, Professor Green.

    He is probably most known for his track La La La, which was released in 2013, and features Sam Smith.

  • How did he become famous?

    Naughty Boy shot to fame in 2007 when he took part in Channel 4’s Deal or No Deal.

    He went home with a whopping £44,000 prize fund and used it to start up his music career.

    The star built a studio in his parents garden, and after years of hard work signed with SonyATV.

  • Who is Naughty Boy?

    Naughty Boy, 36, is a musician, producer, and rapper who goes by the real name of Shahid Khan.

    The star lives in Watford and is from Pakistani decent.

    He originally studied business and marketing at university, but decided that it wasn’t for him…

  • One person EVERYONE is talking about at the moment is Naughty Boy.

    Do you know much about the talented musician or how he shot to fame?

    Don’t you worry, the next few posts will explain it all!

  • The Sun Online exclusively revealed that music producer Naughty Boy will receive halal meals in the castle.

    Want to know more? Click here.

  • One famous face is getting special meals delivered to them in the castle…

    Find out who in the next post!

  • Richard Madeley tried to save the day…

    Attempting to console Naughty Boy, Richard said: “You’re reading too much into this.

    “You did really well today and I know you keep saying ‘no I didn’t’, but yes you did.”

    The musician snapped back: “You’re missing my point. Doing a trial and a challenge on the same day is something no one has done.

    “No one knows what I’m going through right now, please.”


    Arlene Phillips was unimpressed with how the other team picked on Naughty Boy to do the trial.

    She confessed: “For me, I was hoping I was going to come out here strong and proud, but it hasn’t started in the right way.

    “I find it unacceptable. I know that I can’t go on and my mind isn’t going to change in the morning, one night isn’t going to change.”

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