Michigan visit greatly impresses TE Zack Marshall

Zack Marshall loved his recent visit to Michigan.

The tradition. The coaching staff. The hometown feel. So much more.

“It’s an amazing place,” Marshall said. “It’s a special place. Ann Arbor is an amazing town. I love the small-town feel with a lot of people. It feels like home and a very big Michigan family.”

The three-star tight end from Carlsbad, Calif., might have gotten hooked up with the Michigan staff by 2024 five-star quarterback Julian Sayin but Marshall ran with it after the initial connection.

Marshall is happy he did because after meeting with coach Jim Harbaugh and spending time around the Wolverines they’re definitely under serious consideration now.

“Harbaugh is such an amazing guy,” Marshall said.

“I absolutely loved just meeting him and he’s done it all. Not only has he been a first-round draft pick but he’s coached first-round draft picks and he’s drafted first-round draft picks. Having a guy of his status, I think he’s the only guy still living to have ever done that.”

Some other Pac-12 schools have been showing interest in Marshall but Michigan has definitely stepped it up recently.

A big senior season with a whole lot more exposure at Carlsbad could be coming up but Michigan is one to seriously consider now.

“The pedigree of Michigan is second-to-none,” Marshall said. “They’ve been good for so many years especially as a tight end and what I see for my future, their pedigree is awesome, not to mention the academic prowess at this school. It checks both of those boxes.”

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