Plurality Say States Should Return to Pre-Pandemic Voting Laws

A plurality of voters believe states should return to pre-pandemic voting laws, which includes limits on mail-in voting, an Echelon Insights survey released this week found.

The survey noted that many states adopted voting rules in 2020, encouraging mail-in and early voting to curb the spread of the Chinese coronavirus.

“Now that the pandemic has subsided, which approach would you prefer states take with their voting laws?” the survey, taken January 21-23, 2022, among 1,029 national registered voters, asked.

A plurality, 48 percent, said states should return to pre-pandemic rules, while 42 percent said they should “make the changes adopted for the pandemic permanent.” Ten percent, overall, remain unsure.

Coinciding with that is Friday’s ruling from a Pennsylvania court, which determined the Keystone State’s mail-in voting law, allowing no-excuse mail-in voting, to be unconstitutional. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D), who earned the nickname “Commie Tommy” during the extended lockdowns of 2020, vowed to “immediately appeal this decision to the state Supreme Court”:

The survey also walked respondents through a series of voting controversies, such as the far-left’s desire to no longer require a photo ID to vote — a great irony, as many blue cities, including Washington, DC, require that and a vaccine card to engage in basic activities, such as dining at an indoor establishment. 

Across the board, 67 percent said requiring a photo ID “does not infringe on the right to vote.” Additionally, 65 percent said requiring a photo ID or the last four digits of a Social Security number to vote by mail does not infringe on the right to vote either. 

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