Rick Astley’s cover of Foo Fighters’ ‘Everlong’ is so, so good

Rick Astley needs to be the luckiest ’80s musician on the planet. The complete “Rickrolling” phenomenon has given his hit tune “Never Gonna Give You Up” a attain far past its pure life span, and stored the man a family title far longer than he in all probability would have been.

(For those that are unfamiliar, Rickrolling is if you make somebody suppose they’re being despatched to an internet site, however the hyperlink goes to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” video as a substitute as a joke. It’s a foolish viral bait-and-switch gag that is been going since 2006.)

But what folks might not notice, as a result of his most well-known tune has turn out to be an web joke, is that Rick Astley is definitely a extremely freaking nice musician. The man can saaaang and it appears he is solely gotten higher with age.

If you have been to decide on essentially the most unlikely combo of musical mashups, it’d simply be Rick Astley and Foo Fighters. Right? Like who would put them collectively?

Oddly sufficient, they put themselves collectively in 2017, when Foo Fighters introduced Astley on stage throughout a live performance to sing “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl even created his personal Rickroll-inspired meme, the Dave G’Roll, with the band’s tune “Best of You.” So there is a historical past there.

But nothing has been extra shocking than listening to Rick Astley do an acoustic cowl of Foo Fighters’ “Everlong.” It’s so good. Like, so good.

Not to knock Rick Astley of the Eighties, however that unusually deep voice on a younger man was kind of his signature factor. Ergo, you’d suppose it could be straightforward to acknowledge Astley’s voice it doesn’t matter what he was singing. But you would be improper. If you shut your eyes and take heed to this, you’d probably by no means guess it was Rick Astley.

Maybe it is as a result of the tune itself is not one thing you anticipate from the “Never Gonna Give You Up” man. Maybe it is since you had no concept that Rick Astley was nonetheless making music. Who is aware of. All I do know is that my jaw dropped watching him knock out an superior model of a grungey rock tune with simply his voice and acoustic guitar.

Seriously, that was superb, proper? Even hardcore Foo Fighters followers gave Astley props within the feedback:

“As a huge Foo Fighters fan, all I can say is this cover didn’t let me down.”

“Tbh I could listen to a whole album of Rick Astley doing grunge covers.”

“Are you kidding me?????? That voice from the 80’s… And one of the greatest numbers of all times…. Didn’t think you could pull that of…. But you did….. Respect to you Rick.”

And, in fact, some needed to make jokes:

“I love this cover. It feels like the singer is never going to give you up or never gonna let you down. He doesn’t run around and desert you. He will never make you cry and never say goodbye. He doesn’t tell a lie and hurt you. I think that is special.”

“This guy should stop making memes and stick to music! He’s got talent!”

“I’m glad he’s never given up. This did not let me down.”

But this remark maybe greatest summed up what most of us walked away considering:

“God now I feel bad that we’ve ridden on Rick Rolling for so long that we missed the part where Rick Astley is actually a badass musician…”

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