Rivals Rankings Week: Which ATH is the best fit for their future team?

We wrap up our final position rankings for 2022 with a glance at the athletes, and our analysts’ views on which ones are the best fit for the school they chose.

Certainly, if Hunter were to have wound up at Florida State or even Georgia, he’s more than capable of seeing snaps on both offense and defense. At Jackson State under the watchful eye of Deion Sanders, it’s a perfect match for Hunter, a promising first-round pick at cornerback that should have a platform to also show off his unreal skills on offense as well. For a freshman right out of high school, Hunter should be able to make the transition to the field at Jackson State sooner rather than later, which opens up the door for him to make an impact right away. Sanders was in Hunter’s shoes once and should put him in a position to have similar success. Sam Spiegelman, National Recruiting Analyst


The No. 1 player in the 2022 class might miss the pageantry of big-time college football, of playing at Florida State, of competing for conference championships and everything else that comes with it but Hunter fashions himself in the same vein as Deion Sanders on the field – and now he’s going to be coached by him. What could possibly be a better fit than to learn the position from not only one of the greatest to ever play cornerback but to be coached by him at Jackson State? Hunter made a really courageous decision to spurn the glitz and glamor and to focus on getting coached by his idol and if it works out, Hunter will completely dominate the HBCU level and NFL teams will take notice. Adam Gorney, National Recruiting Director


Travis Hunter to Jackson State is about as phenomenal of a fit you can find. Not only will he be able to come in and potentially star at multiple positions from day one, he is going to be coached by one of the all time great athletes who sees a little of himself in Hunter. Under the tutelage of Coach Prime, the sky’s the limit for the impact that Hunter can make on the Jackson State program. Furthermore, Hunter signing with Jackson State has opened the eyes of many other top prospects, and his presence alone will change the trajectory of the Tigers recruiting going forward. Clint Cosgrove, National Recruiting Analyst

The Seminoles need playmakers on both sides of the ball and Thomas should be able to help. He’ll line up in the secondary but should be able to see time at a variety of positions on defense. Thomas’ size and range will give the ‘Noles the type of weapon that can match up with whoever the offense throws at them. His physical development could dictate where he ends up on defense but he brings a special athleticism to the field that could make him a Swiss Army knife for Florida State’s defense. Adam Friedman, National Recruiting Analyst


As Mike Norvell tries to build Florida State back to its former glory, the acquisition of talent is critical. Landing do-all talents like Azareyeh Thomas takes the Seminoles one step closer to being that contender in the Atlantic Division the fanbase desires. FSU’s glory days were jam packed with all-conference and All-American caliber players; Thomas has that same potential.

Offense, defense, special teams… any skill position out there Thomas can get the job done. His greatest attributes are on offense as that versatile piece that can come out of the backfield and lineup on the outside burning the secondary deep. Thomas is an exciting playmaker in the FSU mold we’ve come to know dating all the way back to the Bobby Bowden era. Ryan Wright, National Recruiting Analyst

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