This Kentucky farm had a Highland cow baby boom: See the photos

When the world provides you a headache, turning to lovable animal images at all times helps.

This month, TC Highlands Farm in Pleasureville, Kentucky, shared photographs of its child cows on Facebook. At the farm, Kristin Carmack and her 15-year-old daughter, Tristin, elevate registered Scottish Highlands cattle and the calves are as cute as a button. 

“[Tristin] helps me in every aspect of the farm including, and not limited to, feeding, care, daily operation, farm visits as well as the more pressing things like artificial insemination, breeding and birthing,” Carmack advised Fox News.

TC Highlands Farm additionally welcomes academic farm visits as their schedules permit. 

“We do the visits in small groups in an intimate setting where you can interact and get hands on with some tamer cattle and calves,” mentioned Carmack, noting that friends get the chance to pet, brush and feed treats to those animals as they reply questions in regards to the creatures. 

As of March 22, the farm has 16 breeding cows, one bull and 7 infants on the premises. 

“We have five more to calve before the end of spring and several bred for fall calving season,” Carmack mentioned.

An older cow looks at the camera.
In addition to its infants, the farm has 16 breeding cows and one bull.
Mdt Photography L.L.C.
A baby cow stands near an adult.
TC Highlands Farm permits guests to pet a few of the tamer cows.
Mdt Photography L.L.C.
A baby cow stands facing a camera.
Carmack mentioned the farm has 5 extra to calve earlier than the tip of spring.
Mdt Photography L.L.C.

That’s a whole lot of cuteness in retailer. 

“These cattle bring smiles to so many people’s faces,” Carmack added. “These cows are our lives.”

For a portray with the cows session, view the farm’s reserving schedule for obtainable go to days at

Photos by MDT Photography.

An adult cow looks at the camera.
TC Highlands Farm additionally welcomes academic visits.
Mdt Photography L.L.C.

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