Woman discovered she had second vagina while in labor

A lady born with a second “tiny” vagina revealed what it’s wish to dwell with the uncommon situation.

Vic Au-Yeung, 42, from Herefordshire, first discovered she had two wombs at 16 – however didn’t uncover that she additionally had two cervixes and vaginal canals till many years later, when she turned pregnant.

Now a mom-of-three, she remembers horrifying particulars from her teenage years together with durations so intense she would faint from the ache and claimed docs advised her she wouldn’t be capable of have youngsters.

The information induced Vic to “go off the rails” for a couple of years, turning to alcohol and partying as a coping mechanism.

She mentioned: “I suffered terribly with heavy durations and pains as a young person.

“Every month, I’d spend time within the medical room in school, fainting from lack of blood or leaking onto my college uniform.

“Tampons didn’t work and I used to be pressured to put on 4 sanitary pads at evening and get up to alter them each few hours.

“When I used to be 16, I collapsed on the street from ache and was taken to A&E, the place docs advised me I had two wombs and I’d by no means have youngsters in consequence, and that was the rationale for my unhealthy durations.

“I was absolutely devastated and completely heartbroken. I felt like my future had been taken away from me.”

She mentioned the information was a “huge blow” however later did her personal analysis and located it wasn’t fully unattainable to conceive.

Vic Au-Yeung recalled experiencing painful periods as a teenager.
Vic Au-Yeung recalled experiencing painful durations as a young person.
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She fell pregnant together with her first youngster Clio, now 23, in 1998 – and it wasn’t till she gave delivery that she discovered she additionally had two cervixes and a “tiny” second vagina.

Vic mentioned: “When I gave delivery the docs already knew about my wombs, nevertheless it was while inspecting me in labor that my marketing consultant realized I had two cervixes.

“I additionally had a horrible prolapse after she was born. They advised me that it was pores and skin dividing my regular vagina aside from a second one which was undetectable because it was so tiny in measurement.

“The doctor said I was a medical marvel and incredibly rare, but promising to fix me up with reconstructive surgery.”

The mother lastly had a solution as to why tampons had failed her up to now, and was recognized with Klippel-Feil Syndrome (KFS) – a congenital bone situation by which at the very least two cervical vertebrae stay fused and motionless.

The situation generally is a results of a twin not forming correctly within the womb and the surviving child inheriting two units of reproductive organs.

Knowing her household has a historical past of twins, Vic believes that’s possible the rationale for her situation.

She has since additionally developed dystonia, a persistent situation by which muscular tissues contract involuntarily, inflicting repetitive or twisting actions – which is said to KFS.

Vic waited six months for reconstructive surgical procedure on her vagina – throughout which era she skilled extreme ache.

Vic Au-Yeung and her three children.
Vic Au-Yeung grew depressed when docs insisted she couldn’t have youngsters.
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She mentioned: “Those months had been extremely painful as a result of six inches of pores and skin simply hanging down.

“Once I had the operation. I used to be unlucky to get an an infection and the ache was horrific.

“It felt like down there was on fire.”

She recovered with antibiotics and two-and-a-half years later earlier than she conceived once more – having been attempting for the previous two years.

Vic Au-Yeung and her husband.
Vic Au-Yeung is relieved after not affected by agonizing durations in “the final 11 years.
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She welcomed Freddie, now 21, in 2001 earlier than falling pregnant once more in 2006 – this time while on the capsule, although this isn’t believed to be because of her situation.

Vic mentioned: “My daughter was a very happy ‘accident’ and I was over the moon to be blessed with a third child.”

After the delivery of daughter Jaz in 2006, she as soon as once more skilled problems.

She mentioned: “I had 5 years of just about continuous heavy bleeding and agonizing ache in my womb.

“I used to be recognized with stage 4 endometriosis and supplied a hysterectomy – after having two plenty of keyhole laparoscopic surgical procedures which weren’t efficient.

“When they took out my womb, it was covered in adhesions which explained the pain.”

Vic struggled with the restoration course of and located it emotionally tough – having hoped to have a fourth youngster.

But as soon as she had recovered, she discovered her ache had fully gone.

She mentioned: “I used to be 31 on the time and had suffered with heavy bleeding and persistent ache for slightly below 20 years.

“Not having durations for the final 11 years has been unimaginable. I believe I take as a right how fantastic it’s however I used to be very fortunate – for a lot of girls, a hysterectomy doesn’t repair all of the ache so I really feel very blessed.

“To no longer be in pain is absolutely life changing.”

This story initially appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced right here with permission.

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