Yes, the winning coach of the Duke’s Mayo Bowl will get a mayo bath … kind of

One of the biggest looming questions over the Duke’s Mayo Bowl has been: Will the winning coach get a mayo bath? Now, we have an answer.

This is neat, but it’s also a bit of a bummer. The entire purpose of the bath is a celebration during the closing moments of the game, captured for all to see. I understand the mechanics of covering someone in mayo before a trophy ceremony isn’t exactly glamorous, but damn it’s tradition. It shouldn’t be hidden away to be found after the game on a streaming service, it should be celebrated by the world on live TV.

I understand that it’s probably not possible to have players jump around with a giant jar of mayo until it slops out all over the coach. There’s just way too much wiggle room that the mayo wouldn’t come out, or God forbid, flop out in one chunk and potentially cause a mayonnaise-based injury.

But hey, at least we’re getting a mayo bath of some sort, and that’s beautiful in its own right.

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